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Season 2.

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Q: What season does Elle leave criminal minds?
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Why did elle really leave criminal minds?

elle greenaway didnt really like living in Los angelas and decided to leave to the east coast

In what episode of Criminal minds did Elle shoots the rapest?

Season 2, Episode 5, "Aftermath"

Who plays elle in criminal minds?

lola glaudini

Where is Elle in criminal minds?

Elle was only in the first few seasons of CM, she doesn't come on anymore.

Who played Deborah Ciccerone in the sopranos?

Lola Glaudini, best known as Agent Elle Greenaway of Criminal Minds during season one.

Why did ella leave criminal minds?

first of all it is elle not ella.....and she resigned because she shot the man that shot her without probable cause

What episode of criminal minds did elle get shot?

At the end of "The Fisher King part 1" (1x22).

What was the relationship between Elle Greenaway and Jason Gideon on Criminal Minds?

They were partners; there was nothing romantic. They respected each other, but Elle does lose faith in her team after getting shot.

Did agent elle greenaway die on Criminal Minds?

No she was under investigation of shooting a person with no real reason to have shot him. She shot the person that came and shot her. So she turned in her badge and left.

Who has left the cast of criminal minds since its debut?

Of the original team characters,Elle Greenaway played by Lola GlaudiniJason Gideon played by Mandy PatinkinJennifer "JJ" Jareau played by A.J. Cook

Why did Elle leave criminal minds?

Well, for one, she got shot. Then when they were hunting down this one guy who was getting into peoples houses and killing them, she went and shot him. She said it was self defence, but it wasn't, and when Hotch scheduled a psyc. eval., she kind of paniced and told Hotch she was leaving.. i know it's kinda confusing but i hoped it helped.

Does Lola Glaudini play drucilla in Buffy the vampire slayer?

No. Lola Glaudini, best known for her role as Elle Greenaway in Criminal Minds, never had a role on Buffy. The character of Drusilla was originated and was always portrayed by actress Juliet Landau.

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