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Canada became a bilingual country because Canadians study both French and English in school.

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Q: What makes Canada a bilingual country?
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What makes Canada bilingual country?

Canada became a bilingual country because Canadians study both French and English in school.

What prime minister was responsible for making Canada a bilingual country?

Pierre Trudeau was responsible for making Canada a bilingual country

This is Canada's first officially bilingual province?

the whole country of Canada is officially bilingual, however, Quebec is truly French Canadian ----------------------- Manitoba is Canada's first bilingual province, NB was to follow later.

What bilingual country speaks English and french?

Canada mostly

Is there anything unique about Canada?

Yes, it is a bilingual country (French and English).

What does in mean to say Canada is a bilingual country?

They have 2 official languages .

What really makes a country bilingual?

To make a country officially bilingual, there must be two official languages, selected by the government. If there is only one official language, but another language is spoken, the country is not considered officially bilingual.

Why is it important that Canada is a bilingual country?

It is important because many people immigrate from other countries to Canada. (like America)

When did Canada become a bilingual country?

since the beginning when french people already lived here.

What languages are used in Ontario?

Predominantly English, but French as well (since Canada is a bilingual country).

Who was prime minister when Canada officially became a bilingual country?

It has always been officially bilingual. The Constitution Act of 1867 (section 133) guaranteed both English and French protection.

When did English and french combined in Canada?

There was colonization of Canada by both England and France as early as the 17th century. Canada did not become an officially bilingual country until 1980, however.

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