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Q: What is the personality traits of Tim Shepard off of The Outsiders?
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Who is Dallas Winston's best friend in the outsiders?

Tim Shepard

Who fought with dally for slashing his tires in the outsiders?

i believe that it was Tim Shepard

Who gets his nose broken in the rumble in the book the outsiders?

Tim Shepard

Who tried to call off the big rumble in the outsiders?

Tim Shepard

What was the other Greaser gang name in the outsiders?

You might be looking for the Shepard gang run by Tim Shepard...

Whos tires did dally slash in the book outsiders?

Tim Shepard's tires.

In The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton who was Tim Sheppard's brother?

Tim Shepard's little brother is Curly Shepard & he also has a little sister named Angela. :)

What does turf mean in the outsiders?

It mean his own area. Tim Shepard was far from his own turf. $$$$$$$$$$

Who are the supporting characters in The Outsiders?

I think it is a couple of the socs such as Cherry, Bob, and Randy. Tim Shepard is one also, I think

Who is Curly in The Outsiders?

Curly Shepard is the fifteen-year-old brother of Tim Shepard. Curly is stubborn and rough. He cannot go to the rumble because he was put in a reformatory for six months after robbing a liquor store. Tim is proud of Curly's criminal record.

Who is the main charactor in The Outsiders?

His name is Ponyboy Curtis. He is the one narrating The Outsiders. He has two brothers named: Sodapop and Darry Curtis. Also friends named: Johnny Cade, Two-Bit Matthews, Dallas (Dally) Winston, Steve, and Tim Shepard (leader of the Shepard Gang). They're all (except Tim) Greasers who have rivals named the Socs.

What was each characters full name in The Outsiders?

Steve randle ponyboy curtis johnny cade Dallas Winston Darrel Curtis Sodapop Curtis Keith "Two-Bit" Matthews Tim Shepard Curly Shepard Angela Shepard Buck Merril

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