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The last and newest Predator movie is called Predators.

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Q: What is the new predator movie called?
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Will there a Predator 3?

There was a third movie in the series in 2010 but it was not called Predator 3, it was called Predators. so technically No, there will never be a Predator 3.

Will they make a new aliens vs predator movie?

There is going to be a new movie called Predators that is going to fall on August 2010, and it is about humans surviving in the Predators planet.

Will they make another predator movie?

no they will not make a new movie your such a nerd

Is there a new predator movie coming out soon?

Yes there will be a new preditor movie coming out. Called Preditor the origin. Written by Chicagoan Kenneth Hill. It's about the beginning civilization of preditor. There is no production date as of yet.

What is the predator called in the Predator movies?


What is the latest predator movie?

predator the great

What was the Original title to predator the movie?

just predator

What is the strongest predator from the movie predators?

the berserker predator

Is the new movie Predators supposed to be Predator 3?

Yes- the IMDb page for it says it is supposed to be following both "Predator" and "Predator 2". However, no actors from the previous movies will appear in it.

Will there be another alien vs predator?

After AVP2 they were going to make AVP3 ,but instead a movie called PREDATORS will be released on July 9, 2010.After that they will talk about making AVP3,a new alien movie,or maybe make yey another predator movie.One of them will be released from 2011 to 2015 or maybe further.

What movie is better alien predator or alien vs predator?


What is the name of the first song in the credits of the new Predator movie?

"Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard

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