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Oberon actually sent Puck ( aka Robin Goodfellow) to find a flower that could make anything or anyone fall in love with anything else. The rumour that Puck left his home beacuse Oberon was forcing him to marry Moth and Puck didn't want to is all a pack of lies.

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Q: What did oberon send puck to find?
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What does oberon send puck to do to titania on Midsummer Nights dream?

Actually, nothing. Oberon does not send Puck to do anything to Titania. He sends him, first, to get a sample of the flower love-in-idleness which has magical properties, second, to find Demetrius and use some of the flower on him so he will love Helena, and third, to rectify his mistake and cure Lysander. Oberon takes care of Titania

On what mission does oberon send puck?

He send him into the wood to find Titania and sprinkle the love spell on her so when she awakened she would fall in love with the first thing she saw.

Why does oberon send puck to fetch Helena?

In Act III Scene 2, Oberon sends Puck to get Helena so she can bump into the sleeping Demetrius. Demetrius has been treated with the love-in-idleness flower, so when he wakes he will fall in love with Helena.

What does Oberon send puck to find?

a flower so he could put a love spell on someone the flower has magical powers that could make anything fall in love with something

What do the readers find out about oberon and titania's relationship from puck and the first fairy?

Act II Scene 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream starts off with a conversation between Puck and a fairy which prepares us for the meeting of Oberon and Titania later on. Puck works for Oberon and the fairy works for Titania. All the information we get about Titania and Oberon is contained in one speech by Puck, which commences "The king doth keep his revels here tonight." In this speech, Puck says that Oberon is spending the night in this place, and that every time he and Titania are together, they fight over a boy who is Titania's page and who Oberon wants for his page. Puck says that this boy was "stolen from an Indian king", but this does not square with what Titania says about the boy later in the scene.

What news does puck bring Oberon?

Puck tells Oberon that the Queen is in love with Bottom. Oberon has asked Puck to do this so that he could get even with his wife for not giving him her slave child. He has a laugh at her expense by watching his wife swoon over a man with a donkey head.

What does the reader find out about the current relationship between Oberon King of the Fairies and Titania Queen of the Fairies from Puck and the first fairy?

Acouple things like, Puck totally hates Oberon. And Titania really does love Oberon. Apperently Puck was engaged to a fairy named Moth who is potenially evil. (she tried to kill sabrina) won't spoil anymore

How does Puck anoint Lysander's eyes?

Oberon told Puck to pour some of the juice on the eyes of Demetrius, that he might love Helena. Puck put it in the eyes of Lysander by mistake. Oberon said to find a guy with Athenian clothing and didn't know there were two of them in the forest so Puck seen Lysander (who wears Athenian clothing) and put it in his eyes.

Who is the disdainful youth that oberon sends Puck to beguile?


What does Oberon tell Puck to bring to him?

A love-in-ideliness flower

Who is the henchman in midsummer nights dream?

Puck is Oberon's henchman

What is puck's personality out of a midsummer nights dream?

Puck is a mischievous and cheeky sprite who is the servant to Oberon the king of the fairies

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