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Q: What color hair does loretta have in Freak the Mighty?
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Did it say what color Max's hair in Freak the Mighty and where?

I am pretty sure that they do not actually tell you what color Max's hair is, but in the movie based on Freak the Mighty, the Mighty, Max has blonde hair.

What color hair did Gwen have in Freak the Mighty?


What color hair does Max have in the book Freak the Mighty?

it was black

Describe Freak in Freak the Mighty?

he is 2 feet tall,blonde hair and has braces on his legs. he is super smart and knows the answer to almost every question.

What are 3 differences between the book Freak the Mighty and the movie the Mighty?

3 of the many differences are: - Freak is said to have blonde hair in the book however in the movie has brown hair. - Freak dies on the day of Christmas in the movie, but in the book it says he lives till spring. - Max does not smash the glass in the medical centre in the movie as said in the book after Freak's death.

Descriptions of Max in Freak the Mighty?

Max is a very large boy in Grade 7. He had no friends, until Freak came along. He has blonde hair and his dad is a killer, and his mother is dead. He is quite stupid, Freak is his "brain". Freak is a cripple. okay just to make sure that max doesn't necessarily have blond hair, it was Freak who had blonde hair.

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cheryl cole is a freak

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His hair color is blue

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"What colour is your hair?" is correct.

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They are more or less interchangeable, hair color is a broader term though as it can sometimes refer to hair lighteners like bleach, as well as hair dyes. So hair dye is a type of hair color. Hair color is anything that changes the color of your hair. Hair dye deposits color into your hair.

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