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i know one is Amazon River

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Q: What are the three major river in south America?
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What are three major river systems in south america?

narrow body of water alaska and russis

What are south carolinas 3 major river systems?

what are S.C. three major river systems?

3 major rivers in Canada?

Canada is the northernmost country on the continent of North America. Three of Canada's major rivers are the Sagueney River of Quebec, the North Saskatchewan River, and the South Saskatchewan River.

How many major territories are in south America?

there is three major territories in south america. but i am not sure which ones but i am positive that there is 3

What are the three major South American river systems?

Amazon River, Paranà River, Orinoco River

What are three major rivers in South Dakota?

The Missouri River and the Cheyenne River are major rivers in South Dakota. Other South Dakota rivers include the Big Sioux River, James River, Moreau River, and White River.

Which continent is the river Colorado in?

There are three Colorado Rivers in North America and South America.

What are the three major rivers of south Asia?

The three most important rivers are the Indus River, the Ganges River and the Brahmaputra River.

What are the three major mountan ranges in south America?


What are the three major geographic areas within America?

Geographers often divide Latin America into three major geographic area --- Middle America, The Caribbean and South America.

What are the three major regions in Latin America?

Mexico, Carribbean Islands, and South America

What are the three major products in south America?

There are several major products in South America - ranging from gold to cattle, coffee, rice, sugar (and so on).

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