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there are 42 national parks and reserves in Canada.

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Q: What are the national parks in Canada?
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How many national parks are there in Canada?

There were 36 National Parks and six National Park Reserves in Canada as of 2008.

How many national parks does Canada have and which one is the oldest?

there are 42 national parks in Canada and banff national park is the oldest

How many National Parks are in Canada?

There are 42 National Parks and National Park Reserves in Canada, comprising 2.5% of Canada's total area.

What are two US National Parks that border with Canada?

The two US National Parks that border with Canada are Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park.

How many provincial parks are there in Canada?

There are 41 National Parks and more than 300 Provincial Parks in Canada to date.

Who manages national parks?

The Canadian National Parks are managed by Parks Canada, an agency in the Department of the Environment of the Canadian Federal Government.

How do you tell the difference between National and Provincial parks?

There is no real difference but National parks are operated and protected by the Canada's parks while Provincial parks are operated and protected by the provinces that they are in.

Are there national parks in each province and territory in Canada?


What has the author James Bernard Harkin written?

James Bernard Harkin has written: 'Canadian national parks' -- subject(s): National parks and reserves 'The history and meaning of the national parks of Canada' -- subject(s): National parks and reserves

What is the major difference between National parks and provincial parks?

The difference is in who pays to manage the park. Provincial parks are owned and maintained by the Canadian provinces while National Parks are and maintained by the federal agency Parks Canada.

What are the National Parks and protected areas of the interior plains of Canada?


What are some national parks in Canada?

A few Canadian national parks include:Banff National Park of CanadaCape Breton Highlands National Park of CanadaElk Island National Park of CanadaSee 'related links' for more.

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