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i read somewhere that she wrote the book The Outsiders after her friend got jumped by Socs and her friends where always called Greasers. but i dont know if she was or not.

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Q: Was S.E. Hinton ever in a gang or situation like in the book the outsiders?
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Thoughts on the book The Outsiders?

yes. that is not my opinion it is the best movie and book ever written by S.E Hinton. It is an amazing book, everyone in my grade had to read it and they ALL loved it!

Will S.E. Hinton ever write a sequel to the outsiders?

no because she didnt want to over do it so people would remember it as a good book

S.E. Hinton how old was she when she started writing the outsiders?

She was 15 or 16 years old. The same year that she wrote the book, she flunked her creative writing class. Ironic (btw, best book ever!)

Does Tex's dad ever come home in the book Tex by SE Hinton?

yes he does and that is in the beginning of chapter 6 or 7 :]

Were there any gang violence in the 1960s?

Yes. A lot. Probably just as much as today, maybe more. Have you ever read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton? It is a good source for learning about gangs and other social issues in the 1960s.

Johnnys middle name the outsiders?

His name is Johnny Cade but it didn't say his middle name in the book if he ever had a middle name.

Does Tex's dad ever come home in the book Tex by S.E. Hinton?

Do you really want to spoil the story? If you do... Yes, he does come back and he reveals some awful truth about Tex's past.

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In The Outsiders, no last name was ever mentioned for the character of Marcia. The actress who portrayed Marcia was Michelle Meyrink.

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Did Jim McCarthy ever play guitar for the Outsiders?

Yes. He toured with them for a little while.

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