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Sheriff Barney

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2009-06-07 17:14:38
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Q: In what Andy Griffith episode did Barney interrogate a sleeping Otis about a still?
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In what episode of Andy Griffith did Barney try to get taller by hanging from a door?

Barney's Physical, Season 5

What is name of Andy Griffith episode where Barney fife karate chops the desk?

I think it was 'Barney Fife's Talent, season 7, episode 19.

On the first episode of the Andy Griffith show what did barney call Andy?

"Cousin" Andy

What episode of the Andy Griffith show was Barney and Gomer in a haunted house?

"The Haunted House" ; Season 4, Episode 2 .

In what episode of Andy Griffith show did barney fife wolf down a sandwich that aunt bea made while Andy was trying to get barney to answer some questions?

The Return Of Malcolm Merriweather

In what episode of the Andy Griffith show does Barney Fife leave Mayberry and move to Raliegh?

We're not told exactly when Barney leaves but the last regular episode he appeared in before moving to Raleigh was "Opie Flunks Arithmetic' which aired on 4/19/65

What is the episode of Andy Griffith where Barney and gomer disguise their voices?

When gomer and barney atempt to disuade the owners of the miracle suave company and pose as opie Taylor senior and bernard fife attorney at law

What kind of car did the new deputy drive in The Andy Griffith Show episode Barney's Replacement?

Bob Rogers ,whom Barney thinks is his replacement, drove a 1961 Comet Lic. DC 369

What episode did Barney say Barney Fife bulkhead?

on episode 2

Who plays Barney on the Andy Griffith show?

35 year old Don Knotts appeared in the second episode, 'The Manhunt' as Andy's cousin and Deputy

Who is Barney's girlfriend on the Andy Griffith show?

Thelma Lou was the name of Barney's girlfriend.

On the Andy Griffith show Barney and Andy were?


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