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It takes 1 farad for every 1000 watts so u need 2 farads.

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Q: How many farads capacitor do you need for a 2000 watt amp?
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How many farads capacitor do you need for 2 1200 watt amps powering 2 Alpine Type-R 15s?

either 2.5 or 5.0 farads someware in that range is good

How can definitely we say a capacitor is faulty?

You need a multimeter that is capable of testing micro Farads (uF). The capacitor is normally stamped with this rating. Should get a reading within +/- 5% of the rated value. Some Caps. are polarity sensitive so make sure your +/- leads from your meter are correct

When is a capacitor like a 0.001 resistor?

A capacitor is like a 0.001 ohm resistor when the capacitive reactance is 0.001 ohms. Capacitive reactance, in ohms, is defined as -1 divided by 2 pi f C, where f is frequency in hertz, C is capacitance in farads, and the -1 means that current leads voltage. Plugging in 60 Hz, and solving for C, you get 2.65 farads. That is a very large capacitor. At 6000 Hz, you get 26.5 millifards, which is still very large. At 6 MHz, you get 26.5 microfards, but at 6 MHz, you need to consider parasitic inductance.

How the capacitor valve calculate for a for a load?

I assume that you are asking how to calculate the 'value' of a capacitor? Well, it depends what it is used for. If, for example, it is used to improve the power factor of a load, then it is first necessary to determine what the load's existing reactive power is; then, you need to know what reactive power is necessary with the power factor at its desired value; finally you need to difference between the actual and the desired values of reactive power -and this will be the necessary value for the capacitor. Power factor correction capacitors are rated in reactive volt amperes, not farads.

What capacitor do you need for a 1000 watt amp?

1 farad capacitor

Can you use a 25K capacitor instead of a 2.2K capacitor?

In general, no. You need to use the correct capacitor as designed for the circuit.

What size capacitor you need for a 1000 watts amplifier?

1 farad capacitor

Can you by-pass a capacitor in an electric motor?

You can not by-pass the capacitor in an electric motor. Most are capacitor-start motors which require the capacitor to be operational in order to start. If the capacitor is not working then it will need to be replaced.

How do you convert polarized to non-polarized capacitor?

You don't. A polarized capacitor is inherently polarized due to how it is made. If you need a non polarized capacitor, buy a non polarized capacitor.

How long will it take to fully charge a capacitor in a series RC ciRCuit with a 6microfarad capacitor 2Kilohm resistor and 141 volt supply?

The time it takes to fully charge a capacitor depends on the capacitance and resistance of the circuit; the voltage is irrelevant. The equation you need is:t = 5RCwhere: t = time in seconds, R= resistance in ohms, and C =capacitance in farads.So you should now be able to calculate the time for yourself, but remember to convert the resistance into ohms and the capacitance into farads before you insert the figures into the equation.

How many miles per hour do you need to travel to power the flux capacitor and travel through time?


What capacitor value is good for car battery?

A car battery does not need a capacitor as it's regulating capacity (when in good condition) is well above any capacitor you can fit into your car.

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