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Q: Does Captain Hook have a parrot in the Disney movie?
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Related questions

What movie are Captain Hook and Maleficent?

Captain Hook is the villain from the Disney movie Peter Pan. Maleficent is the villain from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty.

Who was eaten by a crocodile in Walt Disney's Peter Pan?

No one is eaten by the crocodile in Disney's movie, Peter Pan. When Captain Hook falls in the water, the crocodile chases Captain Hook away from the ship.

Who made Captain Hook be eaten by an alligator?

Depending on the version you are reading or watching, Captain Hook was actually eaten by a crocodile, except in the Disney movie version. After Peter Pan fed Hook's hand to the crocodile, it developed a taste for the villain. Hook was pushed to his death by Peter during their final duel. In the Disney Movie version, Captain Hook was chased away by the crocodile, but not eaten.

Which Disney movie is Captain Hook in?

He is in Peter Pan. He also appears in the sequel "Return to Never Land"

What Disney villain is scared of crocodiles?

Captain Hook

Who is Captain Hook?

Captain Hook is the buccaneer villain in the movie "Peter Pan"

Who plays Captain Hook?

In the first movie, which was made in 1953, Hans Conried plays Captain Hook. In the second movie, which was made in 2002, Corey Burton plays Captain Hook.

Who played Captain Hook in the movie Hook?

Dustin Hoffman

In Disney's Peter Pan Captain Hook had a hook on which one of his hands?

Captain Hook had a hook instead of his left hand. However, in the Peter Pan book it was his right hand that was lost.

What movie is Captain Hook and maleficent?

captain hook is peter pan and maleficent is sleeping beauty

Who dies in Pan?

No one dies in the Disney movie version of Peter Pan. In other versions, the crocodile eats Captain Hook at the end.

Which hand of Captain Hook was cut off and eaten by a crocodile?

Captain Hook's left hand was cut off and eaten by a crocodile in the Disney version. In the play and the book, it was Captain Hook's right hand that was cut off.

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