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No the game is Move Compatible which means that it can play with either controller

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Q: Do you need the PlayStation Move to play Brunswick Pro Bowling on the PlayStation 3?
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Do you need the PlayStation move for PlayStation move heroes?

Yes it is a Playstation Move required game

On the game eyepet for ps3 do you need a special camera?

Sorta, You Need a Playstation Eye, Because its Playstation Move. You need a Playstation Move Controller and Playstation Eye. Thats It.

Do you need the playstation eye for the playstation move?

yes The PlayStation Eye camera is mandatory if you want to use the PlayStation Move controller.

Do it need playstation move for skylander?


Do you need the new ps3 for PlayStation move?

No, you can use PS Move on any PlayStation 3 SKU.

Do you need a PlayStation eye for each PlayStation move controller?

No, playstation move only requires one playstation eye to operate. But you can not play most games with out the camera

Does Littlebigplanet 2 need playstation move?

No it is only Move Compatible

Is PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter also a console?

No, it is an accessory for the PlayStation move - you will need a ps3, a move controller and a navigation controller to use it.

Do you need the move to play littlebigplanet 2?

No, you can play without PlayStation Move. However, you can do few extra things if you own a PlayStation Move.

Do you need PlayStation move for eyepet?

You need the PlayStation Move bundle that costs $99 or the PS3 Eye and the PS3 Move controller that costs almost as much. but does not include the Move game that is part of the Move Bundle.

Does Guitar Hero need playstation move?


Do you need the PlayStation Move to play Resistance 3?


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