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Yes, actually you can. The authorities prefer you to get emancipated; a very expensive and unrealistic procedure which they understand for the most part. I, as well as my sister both did and when my mother contacted the police they said that they weren't allowed to bring us home legally because you are in many ways considered an adult in ct at the age of 16, including criminally. Since kids are taken to adult court / probation / prison from 16 up, parents are not considered liable, therefore have no authority to force their child to live with them any longer. The catch, however, is that you cannot sign a lease or any other contract or own property until you are 18 so you'd need somewhere reliable to go or you'll be homeless just like i was for a few years.
There is the exception that many may run into, however, which is if you are delinquent and on probation of any sort, you're p.o can and generall will require that you live at home and follow your parents rules, which is of course, legally enforced by a judge. That has nothing to do with your age, though, because even a person over 18 that is on probation/parole can be forced by their p.o to live wherever they say which may include with family or in hospitals/treatment centers
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Q: Can you move out at 16 in Connecticut?
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