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my gamer name is Darren fc:4382 3933 4378 if you got a cyndaquil by now can you give me an egg of it

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2009-05-25 01:34:20
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Q: Can someone trade you a totodile cyndaquil and chickorta for Pokemon pearl?
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Where can you find a cyndaquil if you choose totodile in Pokemon heart gold?

Since Cyndaquil is a starter Pokemon, you will not be able to find it in the wilderness, nor will you be given it by any NPC. The only way you would be able to get a Cyndaquil would be to trade with someone else.

Can someone please trade me a chikorita for a cyndaquil or totodile my heartgold friend code is 1377 9538 5099?

I can trade you a totodile or chikorita, need a cyndaquil. Which would you like? My friend code is 3268 1100 0772

Where do you find TOTODILE in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't catch/find Totodile in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. You have to trade with someone who has the old game with a Totodile in it.

Where can you find a cyndaquil in soul silver?

The only way to get a cyndaquil is to have chosen it as a starter Pokemon. Otherwise, you will have to have someone else trade you one.

How do I get Cyndaquil on Pokemon Pearl?

Cyndaquil and all other pre-fourth generation starters are unavailable in Pokemon pearl and diamond. You must transfer it from Pokemon Emerald. If you do not have Emerald, sign up on a Pokemon trading forum and find someone who is willing to trade you one.

How is to get cyndaquil in Pokemon pearl i want it but i don't have it in leafgreen?

If you don't have it in Leaf green or Fire Red trade one.And if you don't you can't get one!You need pokemon emerald. once you compete the hoenn dex(see all 200/202 pokemon) then prof. oak will call you on your poke'nav and say he has a surprise for you. you go to his lab and you can choose, totodile, cyndaquil or chikorita, this is the only way besides hacking and cheating or trading with someone who has done that, to get the gold & silver(johto) cant

How do you get typhlosion in Pokemon HeartGold?

Typhlosion is the final evolution a Cyndaquil, one of the three starting pokemon to choose from when starting the game. If you didn't choose Cyndaquil as your starter than the only other way to get it if by trading with someone who has typhlosion and trading for an egg of typholsion/Quilava/Cyndaquil, hatch it and lvl it up.

Can someone trade me a cyndaquil?

Go to the site GTS+. It is a very easy to use and friendly site where you can trade Pokemon

My friend code is 2793 0698 0558 if someone is willing to trade a cyndaquil totodile and give me your friend code that would be brilliant i have really good Pokemon to trade like a shiny Dialga?

ok! my friend code is 4081 2416 0803 and my game name is Bonnie. I'll give u my totodile for the shiney dialga and u better not be lieing! BTW, I can get u a baby legendary if u want later. hi im dawn i will get u a totodile if you give me a dialga i play Pokemon pearl every day so im gonna try 2 trade Pokemon i will look u up on my pearl

Where to find Pokemon 156 in platinum?

You did'NT really specify whether you need this amount of seen Pokemon to complete the pokedex or you think that is the amount of Pokemon you have to see to complete it. And plus i cant tell you how to see all of these Pokemon it would take forever. if you meanpokemon 156 from the pokedex, im pretty sure its a johto starter so to get one of those on d/p/pl/ you will need to complete the pokedex on emerald and choose the Pokemon, and if im right it is totodile or cyndaquil, although i think its totodile more.

Can someone trade you a cyndaquil tododile or chikorita in platinum?

If you have seen a cyndaquil, tododile or chikorita,(and you have it in your pokedex)all you have to do is fly to Jubilife City,go into the Global Terminal place and put any Pokemon that someone would want to trade for(if you want one very bad then i would put in a rare Pokemon), and then you wait a few days.When you go back you should have the Pokemon that you wanted. hope it helps :)

How can you get a cyndaquill once you've already started your adventure with a totodile or chikorita?

trade with someone who has bred their starter

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