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No tigers are shown in The Lion King movies as they don't live in eastern Africa where The Lion King is set. The other big cats besides lions that are seen in the films are cheetahs and leopards.

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Q: Are there any tigers in 'The Lion King'?
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Are there any tigers in 'The Lion King?

No. It's about Lions.

Why is a tiger stronger than a lion?

Whoever said Tigers are stronger than lions, then they are wrong, lion is stronger, why do you think that the lion is king and the tigers are not! Lions are indeed called "King of the Beasts", however in actual fact tigers are significantly larger and thus stronger than lions.

Is there a new Lion King?

No, there isn't any new Lion King movie coming up, but there is a 3D version of The Lion King recently released.

Who is the King of the Jungle - a lion or a tiger?

I'm sure it's the lion Cause lions and tigers once fought and the lion ALWAYS won....YEA..... But the white tigers are stronger than the lions The average Bengal, Indo Chinese, and Siberian tigers are more powerful than lions.

What are the names of the chapters in the Lion King?

The Lion King isn't a book, so it doesn't have any chapters.However, there are three films of the Lion King film series, the first being The Lion King, the second being The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, and the third being The Lion King 1½.

Is Lion King 2 on Broadway?

No, there isn't any Broadway production of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

What part of Africa was the Lion King?

The lion king was a fictional story, and was not based on any certain part of Africa.

Did Phil Collins sing on the Lion King?

No. Phil Collins did not sing any songs heard in The Lion King.

Did Lion King made any mistake?

Yes, there are a number of goofs seen in The Lion King. Most of them are listed on the film's page on or you can search for The Lion King on

What is the name of the lemar on the Lion King?

There aren't any lemurs seen in The Lion King, as most lemurs reside in the country, Madagascar, where The Lion King, for a fact, isn't set there.

Why is the tiger called the king of the jungle?

Actually, the lion is called the king of the jungle. Tigers live in Asia, which is absent of the African like jungles.

Is the lion king a proper noun or a common noun?

The compound noun 'lion king' (lower case) is a common noun as a general word for any king or any lion referred to.The compound noun 'The Lion King' (capitalized) is a proper noun as the title of an animated Disney film.

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