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The word Bible should be capitalized. Study does not need to be.

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Q: Should Bible study be capitalized
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Related questions

Is Study Bible a title of a book and therefore capitalized?

yes, it should be capitalized

Is Bible capitalized in Bible study?

Yes. The Bible is the title of a book and the title of a book is always capitalized.

Is The Bible capitalized?

Yes it should be capitalized.

Does Bible has to be capitalized?

Yes, the term 'Bible' as well as 'Scripture' should always be capitalized.

Should word be capitalized in the bible?

Meaning the word of God it should be capitalized.

Is biblical capitalized?

No. Since it is being used as an adjective, it should not be capitalized. "Bible", however, should be capitalized, because it is the name of the book, unless you are using it in a phrase like "the bible of cooks" or something like that, not referring to the Holy Bible.

Do you capitalize word when it refers to the Bible?

The term 'Bible or Scripture' should always be capitalized. The terms biblical and scriptural should not be capitalized unless they begin a sentence. Descriptive terms describing a Bible like a version title New King James should be capitalized but general terms like a good Bible or an expensive Bible should not be.

Does Bible need a capital letter?

Yes, both Bible and Scripture should always be capitalized. However, biblical and scriptural, unless at the beginning of a sentence, should not be capitalized.

Is vacation Bible school capitalized?

I capitalize it. Bible is usually capitalized anyway.

Should all letters in the word bible be capitalized?

No. Just the First B.

Should the word Scriptures be capitalized?

Yes, when it refer to the parts of the Holy Bible.

Should bible be capitalized in all sentences?

"Bible" traditionally is capitalized in all sentences when it refers to the book believed to be holy by Christians. However, bible can be used without capitalization as a metaphor, as in "Some call the Bagvad Gita the Hindu bible."

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Should bible be capitalized in all sentences?

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