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The new taxes made the colonists angry because the taxes on improved England had not helped the colonists at all. This caused the Boston tea party after the tea act was passed.

The colonists disguised themselvs as native Americans and dumped tea into the Boston

harbor. the colonists dived into two: the patriots and the tories. The patriots were against the king and the tories were sided with the king. Benjamin Franklin's son was a tory

guess what im only eight. i hope this helped

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Q: Why were the colonists upset about the new taxes?
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What were some taxes the british imposed on the colonists?

Unacceptable taxes on imports such as tea upset the colonists.

Why were colonists upset by the parliaments effort to taxes them and how did they challenge these taxes?


What was the reaction of the colonists?

they were upset because they were getting taxes

Why were the colonists so upset over relatively mild taxes and policies?

The colonists were upset that their taxes were going to Britain instead of their own economy. They also felt that they had no voice.

Why were the colonists upset about the taxes?

There were several reasons that the colonists were upset about the taxes that they were required to pay by the British Parliament. These taxes were very high and there was no way to voice their opinions on the issue of taxes as there was no representatives for the colonists.

Why were the colonists not happy about the NEW taxes?

The reason why the colonists, back when "America" was a subset of the English Empire, were upset about the various taxes, is because they were being taxed with out any representation in the English Parliament.

Why were colonists upset by Parliament's effort to tax them and how did they challenge these taxes?


Why were colonists angered by british taxes?

because they gave new taxes to the colonists

Why were the colonists upset about British taxes being levied in the colonies?

Because they were not getting anything for their money.

Why were the American colonists upset when they had to pay for the french Indian war?

Because they did not want to pay the taxes.

How did the colonists respond to the new taxes?

The colonists was not happy with the introduction of new taxes. They increased British military and started the Boston Tea Party.

What did the British parliament do that upset the American colonialists?

The colonists were upset about taxes and all, but honsetly that was not their main problem. The colonists could handle taxes, but what they didn't like was that they had NO representation in parliament. This was the cry that kick started the revolution "no taxation without reprensentation" and is one of the most famous crys in out history

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