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Both Italy and Japan saw Germany as a powerful ally. Italy wanted to grab whatever it could. Japan was opportunistic in that they wanted to control the Pacific and believed that they had a much better chance while the U.S. and other allies were focused on Germany. Their ideologies were similar, with the Nazis (National Socialists) of Germany and Austria being racist and having a firm belief that the Aryan race was far superior to all others, and the Japanese believing that the purity of their ancestry would give them the ability to deliver a war that the impure citizens of the Allied nations would not be able to endure.

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Q: Why did Japan and Italy join with Germany in World War 2?
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Why did soviet union join an alliance with china and Germany?

NO Germany join with with japan!! they also join with Italy!!Germany had two alliance japan and Italy togeter they be came the worlds greats army,navy and so on soon thay attack the world!! mmmaaaahahahahah ! and soon they short vrigon no they japan and your wrong Iam right and your wrong.

When did Japan and Italy join Germany in the Holocoast?

September 27, 1940

Why did Japan join Germany an Italy to create the triple axis?

Shared expansion interests with Germany and Italy. Both opposed Britain and France. Germany thought Japan was a good ally.

Why did Japan and Italy join Germany?

They both didn't want their people to die in a war against Germany. They also believed they could become rulers of the world.

What countries join the world war 2?

Axis: Germany, Japan, Italy Allies: America, England, France, Australia etc.

How japan join world war 2?

Japan was already fighting against China and had an alliance with Germany and Italy, but Japan's entry into World War 2 did not come until December of 1941 when Japan attacked and/or invaded US, British, and Dutch territories in the Pacific and Asia.

When did Italy join Germany?


What side did US join on world war 2?

The United States joined the allies(britain, France, etc.) as opposed to the Axis powers(Germany, Italy, Japan, etc)

Who were Italy's allies during World War II?

Italy was initially an Axis Power (as early as 1938) before toppling its government and switching to join the Allied Powers in 1943.Well Italy was Germany's main Allie along with Japan and Austria.

What two countries did Italy join in World War 1?

It sided with Germany and Austria-Hungary

Who joined up with Germany in world war 2?

Italy and Japan had agreements to join with Germany in WW2.Some other countries also assisted Germany in attacking Russia as they were fearful of such a powerful neighbour. These included Finland, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Why did japan join with Italy?

they had joined with Italy because Italy said that they would help them.....

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