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Q: Who was the first country to declare independence from the soviet union?
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Which country became the first of the soviet republics to declare its independence from the Soviet Union on March 11 1990?

LITHUANIA was the first of the Soviet Republics to declare independence and did so on March 11, 1990.

What was the first country in southwest Asia in the Soviet Republic to declare its independence?

Lithuania in March 1990 Lithuania in March 1990

What was the first Soviet republic to declare it's independence?


Which Soviet republics were the first to declare their independence in the late 1980s?


What was the first Soviet Republic to declare independence from Moscow in 1991?

The answers is Lithuania.

What was the first African country to declare its independence?

South Africa.

What was the first African country to declare indepence from a European country?

Libya was the first African country to declare independence from a European country. This country won its independence on December 24th, 1951 through the Western Desert Campaign.

What are the first three nations to declare independence from the Soviet Union?

Tallinn of EstoniaRiga of LatviaVilnius of Lithuania

What was the first European country in Latin America to declare Independence?

Haiti, a French colony.

Which country did Argentina declare its independence from?

Spain in 1816. Many people think it was in 1810, but no, it was 1816. In 1810 was established the first patriot government, but not independence.

What country first became independent from the USSR starting the move towards independence among Soviet republics?

Lithuanina was the first to declare its independence in march 1990, quickly followed by Estonia and Latvia. The three Baltic republics had always had the weakest cultural and historic ties to Russia and were seen by many as the natural candidates to be the first (and possibly only) ones break away from the Soviet Union. Russia recognized independence of the three republics in September 1991.

What was the first colony to declare independence from England?


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