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Tommy Lasorda

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Q: Who was the active major league baseball manager with the winningest record before he retired in 1996?
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Who was the winningest active major league baseball manager before he retired in 1996?

Tommy Lasorda

Who is the third winningest active baseball manager?

Joe Torre.

Who is the active winningest coach in Soccer?

Pat Summit-947 wins!

What is a retired baseball player?

One who once played, but is no longer an active player on an organized team.

Who are the winningest active women basketball coaches?

C. Vivian Stringer is the leading winningest women's basketball coach with 929 wins. Other active coaches are Tara VanDerveer (920), Barbara Stevens (912) Sylvia Hatchell (908) and Geno Auriemma (879).

Who manages the San Francisco Giants?

Bruce Bochy enters his 11th season with the San Francisco Giants after spending 12 as the manager of the San Diego Padres (1995-2006). Bochy was the winning manager of the 2010 World Series, in which the Giants defeated the Texas Rangers four games to one. He was the Giants' field general when they won the 2012 World Series, sweeping the Detroit Tigers in four games. The Giants also won the 2014 World Series in seven games over the Kansas City Royals, making Bochy one of only 10 managers in history to win at least three world championships. He begins the 2017 regular season as the winningest active manager in Major League Baseball with an overall record of Through the 2016 regular season, Bochy was the winningest active manager in Major League Baseball with an overall record of 1,789-1,757. He is in 15th place all time for most managerial wins.

What year did Yogi Berra retire from playing baseball?

Yogi Berra retired as an active player in 1965 with the New York Mets.

Winningest active college football coach?

Bob Ford. University at Albany. Division 1-AA FCS

Is Nikki sims still active?

Is Nikki Sims still active today or not or she retired

Who is winningest active coach in the NHL?

Pat Quinn, currently the coach of the Edmonton Oilers, has 657 wins under his belt.

Is Doris Day still active?

She is retired from acting.

What baseball number has been retired on every team?

The number 42 was retired on all teams for Jackie Robinson on April 15th, 1997. Mariano Rivera on the New York Yankees is the last active player to wear the number.

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