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The Pittsburgh Pirates have won the World Series five times (1909, 1925, 1960, 1971, 1979). In 1979 the Pirates defeated the Baltimore Orioles in 7 games. The series featured two hall of famers playing on the Pirates (Bert Blyleven, Willie Stargell) and two players on the Orioles (Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, with Earl Weaver managing).

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2014-10-02 20:03:40
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Q: When was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series?
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When did the Pittsburgh Pirates last win the World Series?

The last time the pirates won the world series was in 1979

When was the last time the pirates went to the World Series?

The Pittsburgh Pirates last went to (and won) the 1979 World Series.

When was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates won a world series?

1979 against the Baltimore Orioles

Last year Pittsburgh Pirates went to World Series?

1979 when they beat Baltimore 4-3

When was the last time the Pittsburgh pirates played the Boston redsox in Pittsburgh?

2011. The Pirates won the series 2-1

What was the game score before the last game in the World Series in 1960?

The New York Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates played in the 1960 World Series with the Pirates winning in 7 games. The score of Game 6 was Yankees 12, Pirates 0.

Who was the last city to win a World Series and a Super Bowl in the same year?

Pittsburgh. The Pirates won the 1979 World Series and the Steelers won Super Bowl XIV.

Who was the other NY baseball team in the World Series in 1927?

The team the Yankees played was the Pittsburgh Pirates.......last time I checked Pittsburgh was NOT in New York......a dumb question indeed.

Did the Pirates win a World Series in 1992?

The Pirates did not win the World Series in 1992 (the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Atlanta Braves). The Pirates last won the World Series in 1979.

When was the last time pirates won the world series?


Last time pirates won world series?

The last time was in 1979.

When was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs?

The once proud Pirates franchise has won the World Series 5 times, the last time in 1979. The last time the Pirates were in the postseason was a 3 year stretch from 1990-1992 where they lost the NLCS in all three years. They have not had a winning season for 17 years.

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