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What were the positive and negative effects of Imperialism in Cuba?

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Q: What were the positive and negative effects of imperialism in Cuba?
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What were the effects of imperialism on Cuba?


What are the positive and negative effects on a country when emigrants leave?

Positive effects would be that they like the new country very well. Negative effects would be that they don't like it, or they cannot leave, like if they moved from Australia to Cuba, or they tell family member or friends, and they tell others and more and more people move from a country to a different country, and it causes over-population.

American imperialism and Spanish Colonizing Cuba?

Led to a confrontation in Cuba.

What is a positive aspect of cuba?

Cuba is amazing, they have great beaches, also the weather is great. Except that, the food is not that great. that would be a negative aspect

How is the Spanish American War an example of US imperialism?

No, because it was to help Cuba get their independence not for their imperialism.

Imperialism in Cuba?

u.s helped cuba gain independance from spain g love c

What drew American attention to cuba in the 1890s?

Americans Imperialism. The chance to conquer Cuba as a us territory

What drew Americans attention to Cuba in the 1890s?

Americans imperialism. The chance to conquer Cuba as a us territory

What was indirect imperialism?

Indirect imperialism is manipulating the government and economy to benefit the mother country, while direct imperialism is sending settlers to the colony to control it. The United States used indirect imperialism with Cuba and the Philippines.

When US began imperialism with the acquisition of Cuba and Puerto Rico and Philippines and Guam?

In 1898.

What effects did the embargo have on Cuba?

* cuba could not trade with soviet union. * cuba could not store nukes in their country

What event happened in Cuba during Imperialism?

Cuban Missle Crisis and Bay of Pigs Invasion

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