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As Australians we view Gallipoli as our victory, which shaped the legend of the ANZACS, but the Gallipoli campaign was actually a miserable failure. Thousands of our soldiers were killed, and no ground was gained. The whole point of the campaign was to secure for the allies the Dardenelles, so that supplies could be taken straight through the Dardanelles to Constantinople in Russia. Before this, it wasn't possible. From the start, the campaign went wrong. On the night of 25 April (Anzac Day), the Australians landed on the shores of Gallipoli in Turkey. Yet, they landed a couple kms downstream from where they were planned to land. As a result, they faced the ready Turkish troops, and high, rocky cliffs, rather than the sandy beaches as first planned. The rest of the battle was a bloody mess and complete failure. Over the few months we were there, thousands were killed by disease and the machine guns of the enemy, and virtually no ground was gained. So, overnight, the soldiers evacuated from there. The Turks never figured it out until a few days later, thanks to a new contraption the Australians invented to make the guns keep firing.

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Q: What was the outcome of the Gallipoli campaign?
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