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Greece and Rome

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Q: What was the byzantine empire preserved the culture of?
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The Byzantine empire preserves classical culture in?

The Byzantine Empire preserved the Greco-Roman classical culture. The empire was founded on May 11, 330 AD.

What cultures were preserved by the byzantine empire?


The Byzantine empire preserved the cultural heritage of what two places?

The Byzantine Empire preserved the cultural heritage of the two place Greece and Rome.

The byzantine empire preserved the cultural heritage of what?

Greece & Rome

How did Byzantine empire preserved the political and cultural heritage of Rome?


What organization preserved most of the Roman legacy?

The Christian Church preserved much of the Roman legacy. The Byzantines preserved both Roman law as well as Greek culture. The Byzantine Empire was known as the "Shield of Europe", and protected Europe from barbaric invasion, as well as from the destruction of culture.

Why was the fall of Constantinople capital of the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Turks in the year 1453 such an important event for the Renaissance?

Byzantine scholars fled the death of the Empire, carrying with them their culture and the works of classical literature that Imperial scribes had preserved over the centuries.

What culture did the byzantine empire preserve?


Where did the Byzantine empire culture come from?


With the fall of Rome the influence of what culture faded?

When the Roman Empire fell, the influence of Greek culture or Hellenism faded as well. The Romans had admired and supported Greek classicism and expressed it in their art, literature and architecture. After the empire's collapse, Greek Culture was preserved and kept safe for the future by the Byzantine Empire.

How did the basic culture and religion of the Byzantine empire and the Islamic empire differ?

The Byzantine Empire had a Roman culture and Orthodox Christianity as its state religion. The Islamic Caliphates had Arab culture and Sunni Islam as their state religion.

What was the language and culture of the Byzantine Empire generally?


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