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Arp (address resolution protocol)

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Q: What protocol is used to find the hardware address of a local device?
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Which protocol is used to find the hardware address of a local device?


What protocole is used to find hardware address of a local device?

Arp (address resolution protocol)

What protocol is use to find the hardware address of local devices?


Where does the TCP IP host table name system for a local device store a symbolic name to Internet Protocol address mappings?

In a Local hosts file.

What information attribute is often of great value for local networks that use static addressing?

IP Address - For network devices (hardware onlyIp address-for network device

What is ARP and RARP function?

ARP - Address resolution protocol (ARP) enables the packaging of IP data into ethernet packages. It is the system and messaging protocol that is used to find the ethernet (hardware) address from a specific IP number. Without this protocol, the ethernet package could not be generated from the IP package, because the ethernet address could not be determined RARP - Reverse address resolution protocol (RARP) is used to allow a computer without a local permanent data storage media to determine its IP address from its ethernet address. Fore More information you can visit this website:-

Forms of network access protocol?

n/y access protocol means say in arp process when an ip has a data and it needs to sent it, it must inform network access protocol such as ethernet and token ring of the destination hardware add on the local n/w.

What is the name of the text file used on a local machine to perform host name to Internet Protocol address resolutions?


IP address and how do you find it?

Double Click on the icon named "Local Area Network". Click Properties>TCP/IP Protocol

What is 192 168 0 4 mean?

It is an IP address (address of a computer, router or some device) in local area network.

How is ARP reply message different from that of ARP request message?

An ARP request is a broadcast Ethernet packet, that is, a packet sent onto the local physical network that all attached devices will receive. A device sends an ARP request to make the query "what is the MAC address (a.k.a. hardware address, link layer address, etc.) of this IP address (a.k.a Layer 3 address, logical network address, etc.)?" An ARP reply is an unicast Ethernet packet, sent from the device that currently owns the specified IP address, back to the device which sent the ARP request. That is, no other device will receive this packet. The ARP reply answers the requester's question, saying "IP address x.x.x.x is associated with MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx".

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