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men wore wool tunics and woman wore chitons

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Q: What clothes did rich people in Ancient Greece wear?
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How did rich people get around in ancient Greece?

Rich people in ancient greece were able to buy cloths that were made out of cotton and silk. These two types were really expense so only the rich people wore it and not the other people.

Were the people of ancient Greece rich?

Well truth be told ancient Greece was rich and poor. They had more poor people than rich. So it is partly a rich country but the percentage of poor is greater. The poor had to get two jobs to make a living but they still didnt get half the money the rich had.

How many rich people were there in ancient Greece?

over 300,000 after The Great Peloponesian War

What did rich people wear in Ancient Greece?

rich people in ancient Greek wore necklaces bracelets made out of gold they had every kind of jewelry in gold and Ruby's diamonds

What kind of clothes did people wear in Ancient Greece?

They wore some cloth but not a lot of them didn't really ware lots of clothing because a lot of people don't have lots of money unless they were rich. They wore togas.

What were houses like in ancient Greece?

they are very rich people in greese so very nice houses

What are the types of government in Ancient Greece?

they had vary rich government but

What did the rich people ate in Ancient Greece?

The rich people in Ancient Greece never had to cook for themselves. Some of the things they ate were the same as any citizen. They had the luxury of more foods, meats and wine. They could eat honey and cakes and more imported foods and spices such as saffron.

Which ancient civilization grew rich by taxing the trade in salt and gold?

ancient greece

How much money did the rich people make in ancient Greece?

Sculptors and doctors could make up to six drachmas a day in ancient Athens.

What did rich people wore?

the rich people wore clothes

Where did ancient egyptians keep their clothes?

It depended on how rich they were. Most kept their clothes in a box or a basket.

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