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Lewis and Clark

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What was the weather like in the Louisiana purchase

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After the war with Mexico Texas became the lone republic of Texas

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Q: What are some results of expansion into The Louisiana Purchase?
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What were some possible results of expansion into the louisiana purchase?

Here are some results of expansion into the Louisiana purchase:Exploration and settlementBorder disputesIncreased tradeProblems with governanceNew states, and resultant change in political balance

What are some possible results of expnsion into The Louisiana Purchase?

Lewis and Clark

What are some major land and sea battles in the War of 1812 and their results?

Louisiana purchase, Battle of Tippecanoe, Almost the xyz Affair.

Why did some people like the idea of the Louisiana Purchase.?

Although many Americans felt threatened by the land and what it would mean to the East, which had once reigned supreme, others looked forward to the opportunities the territory promised and looked forward to expansion in the west. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the country. After boundaries were settled, it opened up the west for settlement and expansion.

Who are the important people of Louisiana purchase?

some of the most important people from Lousisiana Purchase was Napolieon and Thomas Jefferson. they did a lot during the Louisiana Purchase

Did everyone agree with the Louisiana purchase?

no, some people thought the purchase was a mistake

What were some Objections to the purchase of the Louisiana Territory?

there was no trade

What was some cities in The Louisiana Purchase?

New Orleans

What are some negatives about the Louisiana purchase?

That we aren't our own country!

Why did some Americans agree to westward expansion and others opposed?

There was no opposition to the westward expansion of the US. The first available westward movement came with the Treaty of Paris, where England gave to the 13 colonies all land east of the Mississippi River. Also, the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 set the groundwork for westward expansion.

What were the some results selling Louisiana territory to the US?

he f*"& them up

What does the Louisiana purchase mean?

The Louisiana Purchase was when the US bought some land from France in 1803 that included a large portion of land west of the Mississippi River.

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