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1 - Goalkeepers usually wear this number

5 - Franz Beckenbaur's number for Germany when they won the 1974 World Cup

6 - The Number Franco Baresi wore at AC Milan and Bobby Moore wore for England when they won the 1966 World

7 - Pele's Number for Brazil and Cristiano Ronaldo's current shirt number for Real Madrid (Raul also wore this number)

9 - Many Clubs give this to their star striker

10 - Geoff Hurst's 1966 World Cup Number for England and Lionel Messi's current number for Barcelona

13 - This may be an unlucky number but Gerd Muller who scored a record 68 Goals in just 63 Appearances for Germany wore this number for the 1974 World Cup.

21 - Consider it the best number ever if you are a forward, because it is the combined number of all legends- Pele (7), Suarez (7), Neymar Jr (7).

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My favorite is 13 for alex morgan. But a popular number for the striker is #9 and also #10 because many legends have worn that number on the back of their jerseys.

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Q: What are some famous soccer players jersey numbers?
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