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In the US Civil War, Virginia ranked first in the number of battles fought. Tennessee ranked second. It should be noted that many large battles were fought in a pattern that began in the middle of Tennessee and moved southeast into Georgia.

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2014-02-21 16:13:30
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Q: What State had the second most Civil War battles?
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Which state had the second most civil war battles?


What state had the most battles?

Virginia has had the most battles. The second state is Tennesee

In which state were the most US Civil War battles Revalutionary fought battles fought?

The most battles fought in the US Civil War occurred in the state of Virginia. There were 212 battles fought in the state.

What state has the most civil war sites?

Virginia had the most Civil War battles.

During the US Civil War what state saw the most battles?

Virginia saw the most (122) battles of the US Civil War.

Where did most of the civil war battles happen?

By State the greatest number of battles occurred in Virginia.

Which state had the most battles take place in the Civil War?


What state did most major battles occur in civil war?


Where were most battles fought in during the civil war?

The state of Virginia had more battles on its' soil than any other state.

Where were the most battles in the American Civil War?

The state of Virginia had the most battles. The capital cities of the two warring factions were separated by a few hundred miles, all of it Virginia.

In what state was the civil war battle of Gettysburg fought?

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the most violent and terrible battles of the American Civil War. It was fought in the state of Pennsylvania.

What 2 states were battles fought in most for the civil war?

There were over 237 battles fought throughout most of the civil war. The two states with the most battles were Mississippi and South Carolina.

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