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I believe that almost every pitcher who has pitched for more than 30 innings has struck out someone in three pitches. It isn't very hard for a pitcher to strike someone out in three pitches, especially if they have pitched for 30 innings.

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Q: What MLB Pitchers struck out in 3 pitches?
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What was the longest at bat in MLB history number pitches?

26 pitches to Roy Thomas he fouled off 22 pitches 3 were balls and then the one he put in play

How many pitch in a 9 inning game?

In a normal MLB game it is not uncommon to see 3 to 4 pitchers used in a 9 inning game. Many pitchers are capable of pitching a full 9 innings and many have. The general rotation usually allows a team to have a starter who pitches 5 - 7 innings, a reliever who takes over for when the starter is tired, and a closer who generally is called upon when the team is winning to stop the opposing team from scoring any runs in the final 1 or 2 innings. If you are asking how many pitches are thrown in a single game there are far too many variables that influence the outcome of that statistic. The average I believe falls around the 100 - 150 mark per game per team. So anywhere between 200 and 300 pitches for both teams in an entire game.

How many active black pitchers are in the MLB?

Many more than there were even ten years ago. Some of the better pitchers are: C.C. Sabathia 2008 Cy Young - Yankees Fausto Carmona 19 wins in '07 - Indians Pedro Martinez former 3-time Cy Young - Phillies There are also many others!

Has any pitcher ever won 4 games in a single playoff series?

Not through the 2011 MLB season ... the most is 3 and has been done by many pitchers. Through 2011, only 16 pitchers have won 4+ games in a playoff season. Randy Johnson of the 2001 Diamondbacks and Francisco Rodriguez of the 2002 Anaheim Angels won 5. Fourteen other pitchers have won 4, the last being Chris Carpenter of the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals.

What pitchers in Major League Baseball history pitched perfect games?

There have been 20 official perfect games pitched, 18 in the Modern Era of MLB, as of May 29, 2010.19th CenturyLee Richmond (WOR)June 12, 1880John Montgomery Ward (PROV)June 17, 1880Modern EraCy Young (BOS)37 RHP, 8 K, May 5, 1904Addie Joss (CLE)74 pitches, 3 K, October 2, 1908Charlie Robertson (CHW)90 pitches, 6 K, April 30, 1922Don Larson (NYY)97 pitches, 7 K, October 8, 1956(Game 5 of the World Series)Jim Bunning (PHI)90 pitches, 10 K, June 21, 1964Sandy Koufax (LAD)113 pitches, 14 K, September 9, 1965Catfish Hunter (OAK)107 pitches, 11 K, May 8, 1968Len Barker (CLE)103 pitches, 11 K, May 15, 1981Mike Witt (CAL)94 pitches, 10 K, September 30, 1984Tom Browning (CIN)102 pitches, 7K, September 16, 1988Dennis Martinez (MON)95 pitches, 5 K, July 28, 1991Kenny Rogers (TEX)98 pitches, 8 K, July 28, 1994David Wells (NYY)120 pitches, 11 K, May 17, 1998David Cone (NYY)88 pitches, 10 K, July 18, 1999Randy Johnson (ARI)117 pitches, 13 K, May 18, 2004Mark Buehrele (CHW)116 pitches, 6 K, July 23, 2009Dallas Braden (OAK)109 pitches, 6 K, May 9, 2010Roy Halladay (PHI)115 pitches, 11 K, May 29, 2010Unofficial Perfect GameArmando Galarraga (DET)Bad call, June 2, 2010under review; unlikely to be reversedNOTEThe bottom paragrah is not really a valid answer to the question "What pitchers in MLB history pitched perfect games?" whether this was due to a bad call or not, the bottom line is, the stat line reads he gave up 1 hit, hence he did not pitch a perfect game. Not even a no hitter, no matter how bad people want it to be.

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What girl struck out Babe Ruth?

Jackie Mitchell struck out babe Ruth with 4 pitches. 1 pitch was high for a ball. Then the following 3 pitches were strikes. The following batter was Lou Gheric and was struck out on 3 pitches

What was the longest at bat in MLB history number pitches?

26 pitches to Roy Thomas he fouled off 22 pitches 3 were balls and then the one he put in play

How many Phillies pitchers made the 2011 MLB All stars game?

3 Roy Halladay Cole Hamels Cliff Lee

Who gets the win if both pitchers pitch 3 innings in a 6 inning game?

Assuming it's an MLB game that's shortened to 6 innings, the winner would have to be the second pitcher because, by default, the starter cannot be credited with a win unless he pitches at least 5 innings.

Did women play in MLB?

While a woman has never played in an MLB regular season game, there was a woman who played in spring training and struck out Babe Ruth, and her name was Jackie Mitchell she also struck out Lou Gehrig, on 7 combined pitches. (Ruth on 4, Gehrig on 3). There was the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, and there was a movie made about this called, A League of Their Own. There is no rule stating that a women can't play in MLB.

You are making a pitcher for MLB 08 the show what are the 3 best pitches for your player to throw?

four seam fastball, slider, curveball

A baseballl team has 4 pitchers and 3 catchers. how many combinations are there?

4 pitchers * 3 catchers = 12 combinations

What was the longest at-bat in MLB history number pitches?

There is no definitive answer since pitches per at bat has not been a consistently kept statistic, however according to the original Baseball Abstract by Bill James, Roy Thomas fouled off 22 pitches & eventually worked the count to 3 balls. This would mean he saw at least 26 pitches (22 strikes + 3 balls + 1 ball in play)

What 3 baseball pitchers pitched for more than 25 years?

There have been two pitchers that pitched games in MORE than 25 seasons ... Nolan Ryan in 27 and Tommy John in 26. Two other pitchers have pitched in 25 seasons ... Jim Kaat and Charlie Hough. If Jamie Moyer makes the Colorado Rockies squad and pitches in a game in 2012, he will have pitched in 25 seasons.

Who are the 3 best pitchers for the seattle mariners?

The top 3 pitchers for the Seattle mariners are Randy Johnson, Felix Hernandez and Jamie Moyer.

How far is the pitchers mound in pony?

about 3 meters

What are the least baseball pitches possible?

27 pitches, at least 3 an inning

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