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yes their was.

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2011-05-07 19:37:19
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Q: Were there any survivors of the concentration camps?
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Was there any survivors from the nazi concentration camps?

Yes, there were about 3 million Holocaust survivors.

Were there survivors left from the concentration camps?

Yes, there was survivors however only 1% survived

How many survivors of the holocaust concentration camps?


Where did most of the survivors go after they were liberated from the concentration camps?

The survivors went back to their hometowns or to the nearby deserted towns.

Was their any concentration camps in Arizona?

yes there was concentration camps in Arizona

How many survivors were there in Dachau concentration camp?

160,000 People survived Dachau Concentration Camp but most were deported to other Concentration Camps where most were killed.

What happened to the survivors of Nazi concentration camps after World War 2?

theyjust went home and tried to live their livesthere werent that many survivors

Are there any survivors from the Auschwitz camps?

Of course there some survivors of Auschwitz; including some children.

What Nazi Concentration Camps was the worst?

There wasn't necessarily a "worst" but some such as Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec were strictly extermination camps, where everyone was murdered, there were no survivors.

Which concentration camps had the fewest survivors of the Holocaust?

If one takes the term concentration camp in a general sense (and includes extermination camps) these had only two known survivors each:Belzec (total killed 434,508)Chelmno (total killed at least 152,000)Maly Trostinets (near Minsk) had no known survivors at all, not even one.

Were all concentration camps killing centers?

No. Historians distiguish between #1 extermination campsand #2 ordinary concentration camps. The extermination camps were killing centres and served no other function and had very few survivors. Conditions at concentration camps varied and many inmates survived.Please see the related question.

How many holocaust survivors from the death camps are still alive?

Very few Holocaust survivors from the extermination concentration camps are still alive. Most of the survivors were males. And as no children below the age of 12 survived the camps, all survivors must have been born earlier than 1932. This would make the very youngest of them, 84 years old, as of 2015.

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