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A lot of money

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2009-09-16 16:49:24
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Q: How much did the damage of the pearl harbor cost to repair it?
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How much did it cost to repair Pearl Harbor after it got bombed?


What was the cost of damages caused by the attack of Pearl Harbor?

See website: Pearl Harbor Attack

How much did it cost to make the movie Pearl Harbor?

It cost 140 million dollars to make the hit movie Pearl Harbor.

How much does it cost to get in Pearl Harbor?

it is free

How much did Pearl Harbor bombing cost the US?

49 trillion in todays dollars

How much money did fixing Pearl Harbor cost?


How much money did it cost the Japanese to bomb the us during Pearl Harbor?

the japanase spen over 100,000 dollars on the attack on pearl harbor

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How much did it cost to repair the damage for the Italy earthquake in 1908?

It took about 250000000 to repair italy

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$2.5 Million

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