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Barry Sanders fumbled the ball 41 times in his career. He fumbled the ball 10 times in his rookie season, so nearly 25% of all of his fumbles came in his first year of playing with the Detroit Lions.

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Q: How many times did Barry Sanders fumble the ball in his pro carreer?
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How many times did Barry Sanders miss training camp?


How many Pro-Bowl appearances did Barry Sanders make?

Barry Sanders made the Pro Bowl 10 times, each season between 1989-1998.

How many times did Barry Sanders rush for 2000 yards?

Just once in 97'... ran for 2,053 yards.

How many times did Brett Favre win the NFL MVP?

Three times (1995, 1996, and in 1997 he shared the award with Barry Sanders)

What did Barry Sanders run the 40 yard dash in?

Barry Sanders is noted as running the 40 yard dash in 4. 37 seconds when scouted for Dallas. When scouted by the NFL at Oklahoma States he recorded times of 4. 43 and 4. 39 seconds.

What was Barry Sanders career carries per game?

In his NFL career, Sanders played in 153 games and carried the ball 3062 times for an average of 20.0 carries per game.

What was Barry Sanders injury that kept him out of the NFC championship game of 1991-92 season?

Barry Sanders played in the 1991 NFC championship game against the Washington Redskins. He carried the ball 11 times for 44 yards and caught 4 passes for 15 yards.

How many times did OJ fumble?


What running back carried the ball over 3000 times and averaged at least 5.0 yards per carry?

Barry Sanders. Sanders had 3063 career rushing attempts for an average of 5.0 yards per attempt.

How many times did Barry Sanders rush for 100 yards?

Sanders had 76 career 100+ yard rushing games, one behind all time leader Walter Payton who had 77. Sanders also holds the NFL record with 14 consecutive 100+ rushing yard games in the 1997 season.

Could anybody be better than Barry Sanders?

In terms of winning consecutive Heisman Trophies, or even winning the award multiple times, 2012 Heisman recipient QB Johny Manziel is currently capable of matching Barry Sander's feat.

How many times did Barry Sanders carry the ball in the NFL?

3,062 regular season carries, plus 352 regular season catches.Not sure about post-season or pre-season.

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