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a total of 17 kids in his first marriage he had 6 kids with Sarah Shelton an in his second marriage with Dorothea Dandridge he had 11 kids

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Q: How many kids did Patrick Henry have in his first marriage?
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Did Patrick Henry have kids?

Patrick Henry had 17 kids!!!

How many kids do Patrick Henry have?


Did Patrick Henry have any kids?

Yes he did. He had six kids with his first wife, Sarah Syme. Then he remarried and had zero with the new wife.

Did Patrick Henry get married?

He married twice, first to Sarah Shelton then to Dorthea Dandrige. He had 17 kids, all in all.

What are Patrick Henrys kids names?

There names were Martha(Patsy), Anne,Ellizabeth(Betsy),John William, and Edmund(Neddy)

Who were the anti-federalist leaders?

Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. The first kids answer is ret*****, Thomas Jefferson was one of the Federalists, and Samuel Adams was impartial... Here are the real ones- James Winthrop, Melancton Smith, Patrick Henry and George Mason.

When did Patrick Henry marry dorothea Dandridge?

They got married on october 1777 and they had 11 kids together!

Patrick Henry said what?

Give me liberty or give me death was what he was known for. He did a lot of talking; he was a lawyer, and he had a lot of kids.

What is Patrick Henry's family life?

his famile was his two wives one had six kids the other had seven in all he had s wives and 17 kids and a brother

Where are John Waynes kids today?

Two of his children from his first marriage have died, Michael and Antonia. Patrick, Melinda, Aissa, Ethan and Marisa are alive and well, all living in California I believe.

Dose Reba McEntire have kids?

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