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Q: How many holes in one has Phil Mickelson had?
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How many hole in ones does Phil mickelson have?

Over the course of his long career Phil Mickelson has made about 62 holes in one. He has also won 42 (as of August 2014) championships.

How many holes-in-one did Phil mickelson have in his PGA career?

it was a pga tour 62 strad tiger woods

How many children does Phil mickelson have?

He has 3 children. One son (Evan) and 2 daughters, Sophia and Amanda.

How many Children does Phil Mickelson have?

He has 3 children. One son (Evan) and 2 daughters, Sophia and Amanda.

Does Phil Mickelson believe in the Lord Jesus Christ?

No one knows but him and Jesus.

What pros use callaway golf balls?

Phil mickelson .... well as Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els also uses one (there are many more but I can't recall...these are certainly the two biggest names) on the womens side Lorena Ochoa (Womens Number 1 right now) also uses a Callaway

Is Amy Mickelson Mormon?

No. Phil and Amy Mickelson are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church). They are very quiet about their religious beliefs. Actuallyyou are wrong Amy mickelson is a Mormon I grew up with her in the church. she is not active but most definatley she is a Mormon. please check your awnsers before you give them. this one is wrong and Phil is a catholic I know the family well. Have been friends with Amy forever. When she was growing up in Utah.

How many golf drivers are allowed in a golf bag?

You are allowed to carry 14 clubs, therefore, if you wanted you could carry 14 drivers. one may recall Phil mickelson using 2 drivers in the masters a couple years ago.

How many pres does Phil have?


Are left-handed golfers allowed in the LPG?

Yes they can, but left handed female golfers are extremely rare. ANSWER: Yes,they are allowed but they are rare. One of best left handed golfer i know is Phil Mickelson.

How many holes are in the ozone layer?

There are 2 holes. One in each hemisphere.

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