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The Dodgers play 162 regular season games

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2009-04-13 20:31:17
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Q: How many games do the LA Dodgers play each year?
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How many baseball games do the LA Dodgers play in a week?

The average is 6 games every week

How many games did the brooklen dodgers play in 1949?

The Brooklyn Dodgers won the National League in 1949 with a record of 97-57. They played a full schedule of 154 games.

How many games does. each NFL team play each season?

How many football games does each NFL team play per season

Where did the Brooklyn Dodgers play their games?

Ebbets Field.

How many Home games do the LA Dodgers play in 2015?

It depends, during the the regular season the Dodgers play 81 games at Dodger Stadium, but they are in the playoffs so there will be at least two more home games but it could be more depending how far they make it in the playoffs.

Does the Los angles dodgers play their home games on the ocean?


Do the dodgers play any pre-season games in Florida?


How many games does each NHL team play each year?


Does he still go and watch dodgers play?

Shakespeare never watched Dodgers games. He died before baseball was invented.

How many games did jayson werth play for the dodgers?

I think he only plated with the dodgers once but when he did play with them he was hurt most of the time and next time capitalize the names -Jayson Werth- Jayson played two seasons (2004-2005) for the Dodgers and got into 191 games. He was with the Dodgers in 2006 but missed the entire season due to a wrist injury. He signed with the Phillies as a free agent after the 2006 season.

How many games will a league of five play if they can only play each other one time?

Thjey can only play 4 games.

How many games does each team play during the regular season?

each of the 30 teams plays 83 games

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