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This is tricky as there's no agreed definition of Scottish; obviously one cannot base it on accent. The most obvious test of being Scottish is having been born in Scotland.

There have been a number of Scottish PMs since 1945:

  • Harold Macmillan (PM, 1957-63) liked to claim that he was descended from crofters. However, he was educated at Eton and Oxford. Not born in Scotland
  • Alec Douglas-Home (PM, 1963-64) prided himself on being Scottish but, like Macmillan, he was educated at Eton and Oxford and many Scots were dismissive of his claim to be a Scot. Not born in Scotland
  • Tony Blair (PM, 1997-2007) is surely a Scot as he was born in Edinburgh though he doesn't talk about it. (Educated at Fettes and Oxford).
  • Gordon Brown (PM, 2007 -?) is a Scot. He was educated at Kirkcaldy High School and the University of Edinburgh. This makes him the first Prime Minister since Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (PM, 1906-1908) to have attended a Scottish university.

Several pre-WW2 PMs were Scottish (e.g. Ramsay Macdonald, Arthur Balfour and Henry Campbell-Bannerman). They were all Scottish born.

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Q: How many British prime ministers have been Scottish?
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