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Q: How far could Terry Bradshaw throw a football?
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The farthest length of a football throw?

100 yards set by Terry Bradshaw:)

What was Terry Bradshaw's arm strength?

Terry Bradshaw has been known to throw the ball as far as 70+ yards.

How many yards did Terry Bradshaw throw for in his career?

Terry Bradshaw threw for 27,989 total career yards.

Who holds the world record for longest American football throw?

terry bradshaw threw 100 yards to roger carr. yes they are real people. it happened at Louisiana tech at a football camp

How many yards did Terry Bradshaw throw for in Super Bowl X?

In Super Bowl X following the 1975 season, Bradshaw threw for 209 yards.

How many Super Bowl interceptions did Terry Bradshaw throw?

Terry Bradshaw threw four interceptions in Super Bowl play. He threw one against the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII and three in Super Bowl XIV against the Los Angeles Rams.

How many touchdown passes did Terry Bradshaw throw in Super Bowl XIII?

4 ... 2 to John Stallworth and 1 to Lynn Swann and Rocky Bleier.

Who was the first quarterback to throw for 300 yards in a Super Bowl?

Terry Bradshaw of the Steelers with 318 passing yards in Super Bowl XIII against the Cowboys.

How many times did Terry Bradshaw throw for 400 yards in a game?

0.The most passing yards Bradshaw had in a game, regular season or playoff, was 364 against the Cleveland Browns on November 25, 1979. The Steelers won that game 33-30.

Who in the football hall of fame wore 12?

Most of the players that wear #12 are quarterbacks. Those in the Hall of Fame include Roger Staubach, Ken Stabler, Joe Namath, Bob Griese, and Jim Kelly. Since I'm from Louisiana, I'll throw Terry Bradshaw into the mix.

Could Walter Payton throw the ball 100 yards?

No running back in the history of the NFL could throw a football 100 yards.

Farthest football throw?

I heard that Ray Guy, the hall of fame NFL punter could throw a football from goal line to goal line (100 yards).

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