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The Bantu education affected black people by giving them bad education for their children.This was make sure that their children only learnt things that would make them good for what the government wanted.

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Q: How did the bantu education act affect black people?
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How did Bantu education affect black students?

it just affected them lol

What was the Bantu people and language?

The Bantu were the majority of black peoples from central and southern Africa. There were many different tribes and over 200 languages.

How did the apartheid affect black peoples education and what is the situation now in South Africa?

There were very little education for black people at the time. Everything has normalized and education centers are widely available throughout South Africa for all races and languages.

Why people don't hire black people with no education?

because they are uneducated. P.S. you dont have to be black to be uneducated.

How much did the black people's education improve?

The Black peoples education improved after the 1950's as there were many court cases and the civil rights ... ?

How does the black forest affect how people live?

by macking people sick

How do creeks affect living things?

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How did world war 2 affect black people?

== == == ==

How did black south africans get an education during apartheid?

The ruling National Party did not exclude black South Africans from education entirely. The "Bantu Education Act" was a piece of official legislation that governed how and what black people were taught during Apartheid. This now infamous piece of legislation was introduced by the "Architect of Apartheid", Hendrik F. Verwoerd. This act ensured that black people were directed into the unskilled labour market and ensured that black people were not educated enough (in most cases) that they would be able to form non-violent plans (i.e. plans of diplomacy) with which to fight their oppressors. This in effect dumbed down and demonised most of South Africa's population in the eyes of ordinary white South Africans.

Why in the are black people at your school?

Because everyone has the right to the same education.

Did the black death affect people deeply?

sadly yes

Type of law that separated people of different races?

black people had to go to different schools for education or some of them didn't have any education at all.

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