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It allowed people to fly on reconnisence and allowed bombings of small sorts.

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Q: How did airplanes change warfare?
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How did airplanes change the fighting in world war 1?

Warfare on land, warfare on water. Now warfare in the skies.

How did World War 1 change the nature of warfare?

World War 1 introduced aerial warfare with airplanes and trench warfare

How did petroleum change modern warfare?

It didn't, it might be considered to be a factor in the change to it being called modern warfare. Tanks airplanes ships and other vehicles are all part of modern warfare

What warfare used tanks and airplanes?

Mechanized warfare

How did World War 1 changed the nature of warfare?

World War 1 introduced aerial warfare with airplanes and trench warfare

Whats it the Warfare called when using tanks and airplanes in World War 1?

Aviation warfare and ground warfare. actually if you are looking for the warfare that would include both you want mechanized warfare

How did air power change warfare during World War 2?

Although airplanes changed from cloth covered wooden airplanes of WWI into metal airplanes of WWII, as well as more advanced and powerful bombers; the real change was "Naval Warfare." Air power completely eliminated the mighty battleship as a decisive naval weapon. Airplanes (launched from aircraft carriers) became the new naval weapon. WWII may be unique in that it was the only war in history in which aircraft carriers fought aircraft carriers.

What do airplanes do in history?

Aircraft, and aviation in general, revolutionized warfare, commerce, and technology.

What made the trench warfare of world war 1 obsolete?

Airplanes and parachutes

What were the theories of the use of air power in World War 1?

Before World War 1, airplanes were used for recreation. However, during World War 1 airplanes were used for reconnaissance and spying on the enemies. Airplanes were also used as fighter jets and as bombers. Airplanes changed warfare greatly and allowed for blitz attacks and air warfare.

When did warfare change?

Warfare change from the Revolutionary War to present day.

How did airplanes help in warfare?

They were fast at flying.Good at tricking people or surprising them and were disastrous at times

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