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if it had a large weight it was throwing then it probably would affect the throwing distance and height...the best rock thrower is called a trebuchet.

it could also affect the speed the progectile is moving making it fall short of the desired distance.

If it is too heavy the catapult might not be able to lift the progectile off the ground.

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Q: Does weight affect a catapult
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What is the weight of a catapult?

the weight of a catapult is depending on what type of object is holding

Does weight affect how far a catapult launches a tennis ball?

Yes. The force applied by the catapult will cause an acceleration on the tennis ball that is inversely proportional to the mass of the tennis ball.

How much weight can a catapult hold?

That depends a lot on the structure, size, and quality of the catapult.

What are the similarities between a catapult and a trebuchet?

a trebuchet is a type of catapult. it used a counter weight

How far will a catapult propel s mass and weight?

That depends on many circumstances including, projectile weight, catapult strength and etc.

How does creating a catapult affect the economy?

Probably bad

Does length of catapult arm affect distance?

Yes it does.

Will the mass thrown by the catapult affect the distance?

Yes. A heavier item will require more energy to accelerate away from the catapult.

What does trebuchet mean?

Trebuchet is catapult that uses weight to fire.

Does a catapult have to be big for it to go far?

A catapult does not necessarily have to be big for it to go far. There are certain factors that affect how far a catapult will shoot. The speed of shooting and the force applied are the main factors.

Does density of objects with the same weight affect how far it goes off a catapult?

Yes; if density is lower with same weight it will have bigger volume, hence more air resistance when catapulted and hence less distance traveled

How does gravity affect a catapult?

Gravity pulls down the object catapulted and brings it to the ground.

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