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pat nixon did not know about water gate scandal

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Q: Did Mrs Pat Nixon know about the Watergate scandal?
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T. Pat Nixon nee Ryan was the wife of Pres. Richard M. Nixon. Although she was a low profile first lady, she did quite a lot in her role. She was said to be one of the most traveled first ladies; she went to several countries that were experiencing instability to natural disaster or other tragic circumstance. She was not fearful of traveling alone in her role as First Lady. I recall as a nine yr old in fourth grade (I am 62 now), Mrs. Nixon was in S. America when the motorcade she was traveling in, got attacked by an uncivilized mob. I recall seeing the newscast with Mrs. Nixon & the V.P President in a car being rocked by ruffians. Pat Nixon promoted the concept of a Foster Grandparent's program. During one holiday season, several Sr.. citizen's, many of them from DC nursing homes, were invited to a WH dinner in their honor. Like most first ladies, she maintained a busy schedule doing ceremonial types of work, such as greeting boys and girl scout troops, supporting DC museums and cultural programs. Mrs. Nixon also invested considerable time in WH restoration, although she did not receive a lot of publicity for this. The Nixons were the only WH couple to host former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. The Nixons invited Jackie and her children to the WH to see her completed, official WH Portrait. Jackie came with her children who had grown since they lived in the WH. Caroline was in HS or middle-school, John Jr. was about 8-10. Mrs. Nixon's daughter Julie wrote a very substantial memoir on her mother that detailed the highlights of her political life. Prior to being first lady, Mrs. Nixon was a seasoned campaigner. Her husband ran for President three times, had served two terms as a V.P. under Eisnehauer. He also ran for Gov. of California. As a mother, Mrs. Nixon seems to have set a wonderful example for other WH families. Both her daughters survived the tumult of a terrible, traumatic scandal when their father was pressured to resign as Pres. due to Watergate Scandal. Her daughter Julie was married in an historic wedding to David Eisenhauer, the grandson of Pres. Dwight D Eisenhauer. The wedding took place right after her father was elected President. The couple were married in the famous Marble Collegiate Church, which was founded by the popular minister Dale Carnagie, the father of Positive Thinking and motivational studies. Her daughter Tricia was the last bride to be married at the WH, a beautiful outdoor wedding that took place in Gardens of WH. Both the Nixon sisters went on to lead happy, fulfilling lives. Sadly, the sisters had a major disagreement, in adulthood that came about re Operations for The Nixon Library. Mrs. Nixon had suffered a major stroke several years before she passed away. She was not seen in public much, after leaving the WH.

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Was Thelma Pat Nixon a part of Nevada's Congress?

No. Pat Nixon (Mrs. Richard Nixon) was born in Ely, Nevada, but her family left Nevada when she was an infant, and moved to California. She attained a degree in marketing, but never served in any political office.

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