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Odds are extremely good that your period was just late. There have been some cases of women still getting their period while pregnant, but not very many at all. The odds are extremely slim.

Chill out and sort yourself out some good contraception!

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Q: You have been 8 days late on your period and after 8 days you got your period can you infact be pregnant or did your period just arrive late?
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Does period prevent getting pregnant?

No, it means you are NOT pregnant. Your period drops the egg that would have been fertilized.

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill yet did not use a condom but 3 tests have been negative and every period since has been regular?

Since you have been having your period, it means that you are not pregnant.

I been on my period for a while does that mean im pregnant?


You have nausea and took a test 4 days before your period with a negative result could you still be pregnant?

Yes you could be because it could have been too early to take a pregnancy test. Take another one if your period doesn't arrive

Can a girl get her period a day after she has been inseminated?

If she was pregnant it would be highly unlikely for her to get her period, however if she wasn't pregnant she should still get her period like normal.

During the 7 days period after finishing the BC pills on that certain month and waiting for the period to come. if you have sex is it possible to get pregnant?

Hi, If you've been on birth control for over a month then you will be protected against pregnancy during this time but if your period doesn't arrive then perform a pregnancy test.

What does it mean if you have not been on your period for 4 months?

you are possibly pregnant

Your period is 3 days late and you have been slightly cramping for about a week Could you be pregnant?

when you miss your period, and if you are pregnant, does your body still cramp like it does when you are starting your period?

Can you be pregnant if you just got off your period and you have been having discharges of sperm?

Simple answer, if u have sex unprotected you can get pregnant. even if your on your period,

If you have been having your period for 2 weeks and its been really light could you be pregnant?

No, periods light or heavy are a sign you are not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant when if your period still comes on?

Well it has never been reported that a pregnant woman still gets a period so i think not my dear!

Can you get a girl pregnant if she is on her period?

Yes. A gal can get pregnant: * before her period * during her period * after her period * anytime ... PERIOD. This has been medically proven time after time. There are exceptions, of course, but that can't be determined before having sex.

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