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No, it will show up as a true positive for amphetamine.

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2010-02-07 06:27:33
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Q: Will phentermine show up as a false positive for meth in a hair follicale test?
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If you get a false positive on a urine test will a hair follicle show positive also?

A hair test will show positive, if you have been using.

Can you get false positive methadone on a hair follicle test?

No you cannot.

Does methamphetamine and phentermine show up the same in a hair follicle drug test?

Phentermine is chemically related to methamphetamine and may result in a false positive in a screening test. However, there are more accurate tests that can distinguish between the two. Without knowing precisely what method is being used for testing, it's impossible to say definitively whether it will or won't show positive for meth.

Will Ritalin show a false positive on a hair follicle drug test?

Will Ritalin show a positive for methamphetamines/amphetamines on a hair follicle test?

What can cause a positive methamphetamine result in a hair test?

sudafed can give u a false positive for meth be careful

Can the touching of cocaine show positive in a hair test?

Yes, cocaine can be absorbed via the skin thus show a false positive.

Will phentermine show up in a hair test?


Is it possible to have a false positive hair strand test for heroin and cocaine?

It's extremely unlikely, the hair test is 99.95% accurate.

Does naproxen show up on hair folical test?

Naproxen can show up as a false positive for THC on hair drug tests

Can phentermine be mistaken for cocaine on a hair follicle test or ua?


What would cause a false positive for THC in a hair follicle test?

Consumption of certain foods like poppy seeds.

Does musinex d show up in drug test?

Munisex contains dextromethorphan in it. This can and often will give a false positive for heroin in a urine drug test. Should this occur, you can provide a proof of prescription to the testers to invalidate their false positive. On a drug test that utilises a hair sample, there will not be a false positive detection. So you could request a test of this method instead if you wish to be cautious.

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