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Probably not. However, just how "ineffective" the garlic cloves will be depends on the cause of the cough. E.g if it's a simple viral cough, eating garlic will provide some additional vitamin C, which may or may not help recovery. (Medical studies now suggest that vitamin C will only shorten duration of a cold when huge dosages are taken at the very beginning of getting the cold. And even then it will only help in a quarter of cases). However garlic does not contain much vitamin C, or much of anything else useful for reducing a cough.

However if the coughing is due to pneumonia, Asthma, emphysema (or anything more unusual than a viral cough), then garlic will be fairly useless.

Either way, if the cough lingers see your GP/family doctor.

The bottom line is that garlic seems to be great for anything stomach related. Chop up a clove or two, put it on a spoon, and swallow it down. Garlic is a great cure-all for a lot of things but I have found them often to be gut related problems.

when you have a cogh you will need to go to the doctors itn depends on if you have had it for a few daYS

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Q: Will eating garlic cloves cure a cough?
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