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No, it will not.

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2009-02-13 05:04:37
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Q: Will being around marijuana plants daily and breathing the air cause a positive urine test?
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How can you tell from guy marijuana plants from girl marijuana plants?

There he/she

What would cause a urine test to show positive for cocaine and marijuana?

Only cocaine and marijuana would make a urine test show positive for cocaine and marijuana. For example, marijuana contains THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, is ONLY found in marijuana and nowhere else. However you can find it in some drinks and foods in Europe but it came from processed marijuana plants. Hope this helps you! :)

What is marijuana seeds used for?

growing marijuana plants

Do you have to water marijuana plants?

All plants need water, and marijuana is no different. So, yes.

Where is marijuana made?

it is made at a marijuana farm were they grow the plants

How can you get rid of marijuana?

You could cut the marijuana plants down

What plants are in marijuana?

Marijuana is not in any plant - it is a plant. Cannibus Sativa is the 'Marijuana Plant'.

What plants have breathing roots?

Mangrove plants.

What if male marijuana plants has been next to female plant for to long what happens?

You have baby marijuana plants

Can ropes be made out of marijuana plants?

No, marijuana plants are a soft bush. Perhaps you are thinking of hemp (Cannibis Sativa), which is a plant of the same family as marijuana.

Can you smoke male marijuana plants?

No, it is against the law to smoke Marijuana.

What is the difference between photosynthesis and breathing in plants?

Plants do not breath. Breathing is the drawing in of air to the lungs using muscular/mechanical action. Plants do not do this.

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