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The guy will most likely try to be more outgoing than he really is and end up messing up and embarrassing himself.

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2010-04-24 03:38:49
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Q: Will an outgoing guy more likely be more outgoing or shier around a girl he likes?
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How come an outgoing guy that you like can be both more outgoing and shier around different girls?

an outgoing guy willbe outgoing with the girls who are his friends.believe me outgoing guys can be extremely shy too.he will be shy with the girl he likes from his heart.

What does it mean if your guy friend is quieter and softer and shier and more polite around you and doesn't seem to know what to say but can talk forever to others?

More than likely, he likes you very much and has a lot of respect and praise for you.

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Can an outgoing guy be more outgoing around a girl and shier around another girl he likes?

yes! it has been like this forever men and women for some reason mainly when your young - treat a person they really like differantly to ones who they just see as a friend and not potential girlfriend material. As you get older you seem to get better at expressing your feelings but not allways!! Its hard but because you realy like this person you become quiter, dont know what to say, become tongue tied, embarassed etc.Whereas girls who you like as a person but dont want a love relationship with you can just be yourself with them and they can get to know you properly ,hopefully as you grow in maturity you will be able to deal with these issues and just click when you meet the right one.,

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