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Wet dream.

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Q: Why would there be a white stain in your husbands underwear?
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Can you boil your underwear to get the stains out?

You could, but depending on the stain it may just make it worse. I would wash them with a stain remover or bleach.

Is a brown stain in underwear semen?

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH No that would be a skid mark or a SH*T STAIN. go wipe your butt you nasty little person.

How to remove oil stain on clothes?

I would recommend white spirit.

How do you remove brown stains from your underwear?

Stains in your underwear are probably protein stains, so do not use hot water. Rinse them in cold water and pretreat them with OxyClean. Once the stain is gone, wash it as you normally would.

Does the white iPod Touch stain?

Acually no they don't. I have one and that was my only concern about it is that it would stain. But so far it hasn't and I DEFINETLY recommend it 110% :)

How do you clean a stain that was created by a stain remover on a white cotton jacket?

Bleach with equal parts cold water to help keep the stain from setting in the fabric like warm water would do

How do you get a grass stain out of white trousers?

Grass stains are tricky to remove, and since your trousers are white it will be most efficient to soak them in bleach. Rinse out the stain as best you can and then soak it in bleach. When the stain is gone, rinse the garment and wash it as you normally would. If the stain is still there after 15 minutes of soaking, it is probably not going to come out.

How can you get tomato stains out of your white jeans?

You can try using laundry detergent on the stain. Apply detergent to stain and gently scrub with a sponge until stain is gone, then wash as normal in the washing machine. You can also try using white vinegar on the stain. Allow the vinegar to soak on the stain for around 10 minutes then wash in the washing machine as you normally would.

How do you remove an AZO (Bladder Medicine) stain from carpet?

I would recommend trying an oxygen based product such as Oxyclean. Another stain remover is white vinegar.

How do you get stain off white terry cloth fabric?

The best stain removal method depends on what type of stain. Since terry cloth is used in bathrooms, the stain is likely a protein stain, so do not wash it in hot water until the stain is gone. Pretreat the stain, rinse it out, and soak the fabric in bleach. Then rinse it again and wash it as you normally would.

Is it better to get a white or black PSP Go?

i would say get a black one because it doesn't stain up as much as the white one

Is a yellowish stains in your sons underwear a urine stain or semen stain?

URINE HE'D HAVE HIS UNDIES DOWN OR OFF Unless he's using the underware to masturbate with. And semen can stain yellow on occasion. If he's in or past puberty then it is most likely a semen stain. A non masturbatory option, if he sleeps in his underware he might be having wet dreams which would explain the semen stains.

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