Why is marijuana bad for your body?

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2009-11-03 23:21:34

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Because smoking it can cause lung cancer, emphysema, and other smoking-related diseases, just like tobacco.

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Q: Why is marijuana bad for your body?
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What form is marijuana used in?

Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it Marijuana is bad for the body and you can die from it

Can you use golden seal to remove marijuana from your body if you have a bad heart?

last time i checked marijuana wasn't bad for the heart?

Is marijuana bad for the human body?

yes any type of drug is bad for your health

How is marijuana bad?

Marijuana is not bad for you whatsoever, it is used medicinally for many different ailments, the benefits of using marijuana over traditional medicine is it is not addictive, has no harm towards your body, and can be ingested or inhaled. IT CANNOT KILL YOU!

How can marijuana effect your body parts?

Marijuana will cause you to have bad judgement, impaired reaction time, Impaired coordination and loss of appetite.

How useful is Marijuana to the human body?

No, it is not bad for the body it is considered a medicine for patients with such deseases, cancer, glacoma, aids...etc

How bad is marijuana for youth?

Marijuana is not unhealthy.

Is medical Marijuana bad for cancer patients?

Marijuana is not bad for any body, well atleast i havent ever herd of it hurting any body. You might think they dead but in 30 mins they will wake up hungry enough to eat everything in the fredge.

How does marijuana enter your body?

Marijuana enters your body by inhaling it or chewing it.

Is it bad to smoke marijuana while drinking medication?

It is very bad to smoke marijuana. You shouldn't smoke marijuana in the first place.

How does marijuana effect the organ system?

Marijuana alone has no effect on your body, but smoking anything is bad for your lungs (respiratory system) and kills brain cells (nervous system)

What are the long and short term effects for marijuana?

There are none of either because marijuana is not bad for your body to a degree that you can see effects of short and long term. Possible laziness?

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